Preparing ISSUAA V2 Launch — IPT Snapshot Announcement for Dec 31, 2021

In preparation of the V2 mainnet launch of the ISSUAA protocol, a snapshot on each address hodling the ISUUAA Protocol Token (IPT) will be taken on December 31 at 13:00 UCT. This snapshot covers the number of IPTs of each address as well as the individual vesting schedules of such IPTs. It will be the basis for the distribution of V2 IPT tokens to the ISSUAA DAO community members/addresses, respectively, who engaged as liquidity providers and governance voters since the mainnet launch of ISSUAA V1 on Sep. 27, 2021. The V2 IPT tokens will be airdropped to such addresses after mainnet launch of ISSUAA V2, reflecting 1:1 the number of V1 IPTs of each address incl. their vesting schedules.

The date of the ISSUAA V2 launch on Polygon mainnet shall be announced in the next days. Please be aware, that only the IPT holdings on the announced snapshot date above will be the basis for distribution of V2 IPTs to V1 IPT holders. Although the ISSUAA V1 protocol will continue to exist and to reward IPT tokens weekly thereafter, such IPTs will not be part of the migration to V2. Thus, as previously announced and already practiced by most of ISSUAA V1 IPT holders, it is recommended to remove the liquidity from V1 and add it back again in V2 as soon as the V2 mainnet launch has taken place. V2 IPT Rewards on V2 liquidity provision and governance participation will then kick-in on a weekly basis again. Stay tuned for further ISSUAA V2 news, functionality and tokenomics updates to be announced in the first days of 2022.




Next generation DeFi protocol for derivatives of real world and crypto assets on blockchain. derivative

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Next generation DeFi protocol for derivatives of real world and crypto assets on blockchain. derivative

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